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Scott’s News (July 2015):

Master of FormalitiesMaster of Formalities: A new novel in a new universe! Coming July 7, 2015.

Even when finding oneself engaged in interstellar war, good form must be observed. Our story is set thousands of years after the Terran Exodus, where two powerful, planet-dominating families—the elegant House Jakabitus and the less refined Hahn Empire—have reached a critical point in their generations-long war. Master Hennik, the Hahn ruler’s only son, has been captured, and the disposition of his internment may represent a last and welcome chance for peace.

Enter Wollard, the impeccably distinguished and impossibly correct Master of Formalities for House Jakabitus. When he suggests that Master Hennik be taken in as a ward of the House, certain complications arise. Wollard believes utterly and devotedly in adhering to rules and good etiquette. But how does one inform the ruler of a planet that you are claiming his son as your own—and still create enough goodwill to deescalate an intergalactic war?

Preorder Master of Formalities now on Kindle / Paper / Audiobook!

Scott’s News (February 2015):

Scott’s third novel in the Magic 2.0 series, An Unwelcome Quest, is now available in paper, Kindle, and audiobook formats!

The first and second books in the Magic 2.0 series, Off to Be the Wizard and Spell or High Water, are currently available on Amazon.com in paper, Kindle, and audiobook formats.

Off to Be the Wizard - 2nd Edition Spell or High Water An Unwelcome Quest

Missy’s News (November 2014):

We Could Be Villains We Could Be Villains: Scott isn’t the only one writing novels in this house anymore. This month, Missy published We Could Be Villains, an action/adventure book with superheroes, a heist, and a splash of chick lit:

Sarah Valentine is so over seeing drama about her city’s superheroes on every newspaper and TV broadcast. Besides, she has her own problems to worry about: her career isn’t going anywhere, she doesn’t have a boyfriend (or any prospects), and most of her weekends are spent escaping into video games that are way more thrilling than anything that will ever happen to her. And worst of all, her thirtieth birthday is right around the corner.

But everything changes the day she runs into Nate—a chance encounter with a handsome stranger that turns her quiet life upside down and throws her into the middle of a world of heroes, villains, and adventure.

In We Could Be Villains, Sarah learns that there’s a very hazy line between the good guys and the bad guys. With the help of an unexpected journey, a motley team of professionals, and some eye-opening backstory about the heroes she’s grown up watching, Sarah just might find the job, romance, and excitement she’s been waiting for.

We Could Be Villains is now available!

Kindle & paper: (USA | UK | Canada)

Missy’s News (December 2013):

Missy’s daily web comic, Holiday Doodles, is now appearing alongside Basic Instructions at GoComics, the online home of such notable comic strips as Garfield, Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes, and many more.

Please hop over to the Holiday Doodles page at GoComics, and party like a time traveler with brownies!

Holiday Doodles