Which Basic Instructions Character Are You?

  1. What is your favorite color?

  2. You're presented with a task at work that you'd rather not do. What is your response?

  3. Someone disagrees with you. What do you do?

  4. If you were a food, what would you be?

  5. Which quote most sums up your attitudes?

  6. How do you style your hair?

25 thoughts on “Which Basic Instructions Character Are You?

  1. and Rocket Hat it is. I certainly hope that the fine people at Rocket Hat Industries aren’t maybe slanting the odds a bit.

  2. I never wanted to be Emperor of the Moon, but now that I am, I think maybe this was my calling all along.

  3. I even left my comment on the wrong page. I hadn’t scrolled this far down. I’m not typing it all again. I’d rather fail.

    I am Rick. Sometimes the truth hurts.

    Oh what the poop! I’m a Geek, get over it world.

  4. Yeah, I’m cool! Thank you Basic Instructions for validating what I’ve always known to be true!

  5. Clearly I am the best character. No, you don’t need to know who I got, but whoever it was, rest assured, they are the best.

  6. I knew from way too early I would be Jenkins. I am not sad enough to be Rick and not aggressive enough to be Scott and not secure enough to be Missy.

  7. Rocket Hat

    You’re the strong, silent type. Why use words when actions make a point much more clear? And why perform those actions in a showy, public way? You do things in private, like the humble hero you are.
    Which Basic Instructions Character Are You?

    The quiz says that I am Rocket Hat. That cannot be right, I love to talk and make a big show of everything that I do. The quiz must be defective.

  8. [pleasenotjenkinspleasenotjenkinspleasenotjenkinspleasenotjenkinspleasenotjenkins . . .]

    Rocket Hat. I got Rocket Hat. LET ME AT THOSE DAMN MOON MEN!

  9. I was slightly mystified by the question of which food I am most like.
    Anyway, when I eventuall decided I got the Emperor of the Moon – regal, dignified, and doomed to failure.

  10. Mullet Boss. Hm. I disagree with the hair style, but ‘arrogant and self-important’? Yeah, that pretty well nails me.

  11. Knifeketeer winner – and by that I mean that I actually took the quiz, unlike what I usually do, wait for my friends to take the quiz and post which character I find relevant to my interests.

    PS. If you get Jenkins, go back and check that you actually filled all the boxes. The quiz will let you finish with even just one answer, but if you can’t be bothered to fill out a quiz correctly, Jenkins is your obvious result 😉

  12. And on that note I am heading back yo where I am truly appreciated…or at least feared…okay, just mocked, but I AM the Emperor!

  13. Oh my god I am so glad I familiar enough with the comic to get it. I am the Emperor of the Moon. I have never been so proud and/or sad.

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